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I just wanted to tell you that this hot sauce is amazing as a marinade and zesty addition to any dish! I love it in my deviled eggs because it adds a rich flavor that is not too spicy, even the kids love it.

Laura - Middlebury, CT

I just wanted to say that I pride myself on trying all kinds of hot sauces. Any time I hear of a new name I have never had before I am compelled to try it. In my life I have tasted hundreds and hundreds of different brands and some have been good, some have been real good but most shared a very common taste. Once I tried Holy Mary Mother of Hot Sauce I knew she had something very different from all others. Mary definitely focuses on flavor! If you are looking for something to just burn the taste buds off your tongue then this is not for you—but if you are looking for something different and absolutely delicious then you found the right place. I have had the original on everything---wings, chicken, ribs, taco’s and fish plus I put it in my Bloody Mary’s for an awesome twist to a classic eye opener. Her Spicy Teriyaki is perfect for stir fry but try mixing it in your ground beef when you are making hamburgers, add a slice of pineapple and you will not be disappointed! Mary has a tremendously flavorful product line and you will know from the moment it hits your tongue that she uses quality ingredients. Congratulations Mary! You will change the way people taste hot sauce!

Tim - Philadelphia, PA

I tried your hot sauce last night with my dinner and it is AWESOME!!! I was thinking about it all day and how I'd make a burger with a fried egg on top with a side of sauteed brussel sprouts for dinner and use the sauce. Oh man was it good! You've got a fine product and should go all in on getting it to market. I wish I had some extra money cause I'd be begging to invest. Sadly I don't but I'm more than glad to lend you my advise if you need it. Just make sure bottles of that stuff are available for me to purchase from time to time and by time to time I mean every few weeks. Have a great weekend!

Jason - Philadelphia, PA

I would have to say that my favorite of all the Sauces would be the "Kiss of Honey". It definitely has the best of both worlds, and definitely doesn't leave your taste buds in question. I've even used it for a buffalo dip and everyone loved it as well!!!

Sharon - Levittown, PA

We use this hot sauce on everything. You can add a little or a lot of kick to your food. Love it especially on corn on the cob.

Laura and Marcel - Lake Plymouth, CT

I used to always keep a bottle of a different popular hot sauce in my fridge, but Holy Mary Mother of Hot Sauce has won my taste buds over. Kiss of Honey and the Spicy Teriyaki are my favorites. These will add wonderful flavor to any meal. I really do put it on everything: marinated chicken, corn on the cob, rice, even in my mac and cheese. It's the only hot sauce I use now.

Christina - Newark, DE